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Accessibilty Issues
By Kelly Pierce, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office   
March 23, 2005
This document reviews the four voting machines displayed on March 15, 2005 by the Office of the Cook County Clerk and the Chicago Board of election Commissioners. The machines were chosen as finalists following a joint request for proposal by the two entities. This reviewer spent significant time with each vendor and attempted to cast a ballot using each of the machines. This review also includes published articles, reviews, and research on the machines in question.

Overall Impressions

Unfortunately, if any one of the four machines were to be deployed in Chicago or suburban Cook County as exhibited on March 15, many voters with disabilities, particularly blind voters, would not be able to cast a ballot independently and privately. This analysis was confirmed in a usability study conducted in the July 2004 issue of Access World, a publication of the American Foundation for the Blind. In the survey, 13 blind and low vision users attempted to cast ballots using the iVotronic from Election Systems and Software, the AVC Edge from Sequoia Voting Systems, the eSlate from Hart InterCivic, the Vote-Trakker from Avante International Technology, and the AccuVote TS from Global Diebold. All of the machines demonstrated on March 15 were part of the survey in Access World. The survey found that when the participants tested the audio voting features,

"... almost all 13 users needed at least some assistance with each of the voting machines; in fact, most users needed assistance many times. The most assistance was required in tasks associated with scrolling through the ballot hierarchies of the voting machines. The task that was the most difficult on all the machines was changing voting selections for one of the contests. The number of the 13 users who required assistance on this task on each machine was as follows: iVotronic: 7 users, Vote-Trakker: 11 users, eSlate: 8 users, AVC Edge: 10 users, AccuVote TS: 8 users. In addition, on each machine, certain tasks were more difficult than others."

Most of the survey participants were well educated and all but one had experience using a personal computer. A copy of the article is included as an appendix to this report.
AccuPoll and Unisys Tapped to Conduct Election for Westmoreland County Democratic Party PDF  | Print |  Email
By Unisys Press Release   
March 16, 2005

Companies Selected after Recent Success in Allegheny County, Members Will Be Able to Verify Vote with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail

TUSTIN, CA.-- AccuPoll Inc. (OTCBB:ACUP), a developer of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting systems today announced that the company has been selected to conduct Saturday's endorsement election for the Democratic Committee of Westmoreland County, Pa. Members of the party will be casting their ballots using AccuPoll's federally qualified electronic voting machines, which feature a voter verified paper audit trail.

AccuPoll will be conducting the election alongside reseller Unisys Corp. (NYSE:UIS), which provides election services, training and support for AccuPoll's system throughout Pennsylvania. The companies were selected as a result of the highly successful election conducted in Allegheny County last month.

"Officials from the party in Westmoreland County contacted us immediately after hearing about how smoothly the Allegheny County election was run," said Frank Wiebe, president of AccuPoll. "We had rave reviews following that election, and we feel that voters all over Pennsylvania will agree once they've had the opportunity to vote using the AccuPoll system with a voter verified paper audit trail."

AccuPoll designed their electronic voting system to feature a voter verified paper audit trail (VVPAT), which allows voters to verify - via an immediately printed paper audit trail - that their vote was accurately recorded at the time it was cast. As a result, AccuPoll's VVPAT system fully empowers voters to independently ensure that their vote is correct at the time it is cast, allowing for an accurate recount and audit capability should the need arise.

Sequoia Voting Systems and Smartmatic Combine PDF  | Print |  Email
Sequoia Voting Systems
By Seuoia Media Release   
March 09, 2005
OAKLAND, CA (Link to Media Release) One of the nation's largest election service and technology providers, Sequoia Voting Systems today announced its combination with Smartmatic, a Boca Raton, Florida-based leader in highly-secure electronic voting solutions. As part of the new entity, Sequoia Voting Systems will continue to operate under its current name in all markets.

"With the combination of Sequoia and Smartmatic, both proven innovators with accomplished track records in either the U.S. or abroad, we are creating the first truly global leader in providing voter-verified electronic voting solutions," said Jack Blaine, President, Smartmatic.

The Sequoia-Smartmatic combination will benefit from an extensive US customer base, unequalled US election management expertise, unique engineering depth, an expertise in ultra-secure device and software platforms, and a strong presence in the international election and equipment services arena. Specifically, in 2004 alone, Smartmatic delivered multiple countrywide turn-key voting solutions in Latin America, and based on discussions with officials in Latin America, Europe and Asia, Smartmatic anticipates additional growth in the international market in 2005.
Virginia: Quest and Unisys to Provide Statewide Voter Database PDF  | Print |  Email
By Company Press Release   
February 28, 2005
Quest Information Systems Teams with Unisys to Deliver the FirstTuesday™ Statewide Voter Registration System

Indiana-based Quest extends partnership with Unisys to create Virginia’s new statewide voter registration system based on FirstTuesday

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (link to press release) - Quest Information Systems, an Indiana-based consulting and technology services company, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Unisys (NYSE:UIS), to provide its FirstTuesday solution to serve as the new statewide voter registration system for the Virginia State Board of Elections. The total value of the contract remains undisclosed.

Unisys has been selected by Virginia as the primary contractor to implement the new Virginia Election and Registration Information System (VERIS).

Quest will provide the FirstTuesday software and application customizations for VERIS. Quest will also provide training for the end users of the state’s 134 localities. VERIS is being implemented to comply with the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). The FirstTuesday application is a new software package developed by Quest based upon the Microsoft .NET platform.
Iowa Announces Selection of Saber Consulting to Provide Voter Registration System PDF  | Print |  Email
By Saber Media Release   
January 25, 2005
(Des Moines, IA - link to media release) -- Secretary of State Chet Culver announced Jan. 25 that the State of Iowa has finalized a $4.1 million award of a contract with a software development firm hired to transform Iowa's voter registration system.

Money to fund the contract, awarded to Saber Consulting of Salem, Ore., comes mostly from federal dollars given to Iowa as part of a national effort to reform election systems. The federal legislation, known as the Help American Vote Act (HAVA), requires all states to develop statewide voter registration systems so that voter data can be managed more quickly and accurately.

Culver said a voter system evaluation committee that included county election officials selected Saber's contract proposal over those submitted by three other companies. The committee cited Saber's ability to meet all technical specifications defined to meet Iowa-specific needs and an implementation deadline of January 1, 2006. Bids from competing companies ranged in costs from $4.1 million to $7.4 million.
New Populex Voting Machine Receives Federal Approval PDF  | Print |  Email
By Press Release   
December 16, 2004
Electronic/Paper-Ballot Hybrid Provides Unique Approach to Meet New Federal Requirements

CHICAGO, Dec. 16 2004/PRNewswire/ -- The federal Election Assistance
Commission (EAC) and National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) have approved a new, innovative voting machine that is the first electronic system to meet new federal standards by combining the advantages, flexibility and simplicity of computer-based touch screen voting with the assurances provided by a tangible paper ballot.  By using the best of both approaches, the Populex system is designed to restore voter confidence that their votes will be counted accurately.

The Populex voting system is one of the first to be certified under the new, more stringent 2002 federal voting system standards, which many states will require for state certification.  Systems used in the 2004 elections were certified to the 1990 standards that permit a host of problems that are still coming to light. Many companies are jury-rigging these older systems in an attempt to compensate for their shortcomings. In contrast, the Populex voting system was designed from the start with the new regulations, customer demands and people with disabilities in mind.
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