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Green Institute, Liberty Tree Foundation, and Fairvote Announce Panel on the Crisis of U.S. Election PDF  | Print |  Email
By Warren Stewart   
September 07, 2005
The Green Institute, The Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution, and Fairvote: The Center for Voting & Democracy will sponsor a panel discussion on the future of U.S. democracy and elections, on Friday, September 16 from 1-4 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. "A Call to Protect and Democratize U.S. Elections: A Panel Presentation on the Challenges to American Elections" will feature political and activist leaders who are experts in a variety of areas ranging from long-term barriers to access to new problems with technology, and the challenges caused by the structure of American elections.

The panel will provide the media with concise information on these problems and offer concrete solutions for restoring the promise of American democracy.  More information is available at the event's web page. The event is intended primarily for media, but a limited number of seats will be available for election integrity activists.

Confirmed participants include Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.), 1980 independent presidential candidate John Anderson (who now heads Fairvote), Melanie Campbell of the Coalition for Black Civic Participation, TrueVoteMD and VoteTrustUSA founder Linda Schade, Rebecca Mercuri, and others. Also on the panel will be 2004 Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, who initiated the Ohio and New Mexico recounts in the wake of numerous reports of election manipulation and vote obstruction by Republican officials in those states.
VoteTrustUSA Statement of Principles PDF  | Print |  Email
By VoteTrustUSA   
August 29, 2005
VoteTrustUSA has posted a Statement of Principles on our website (link). We encourage as many election integrity organizations as possible to endorse this statement. Endorsement is by no means a requirement for participation in VoteTrustUSA activities, but merely a position statement that will help clarify the alliance of  organizations that VoteTrustUSA represents. This is intended for organizational endorsement rather than individuals. Endorsing organizations will be listed on the VoteTrustUSA site with links and brief descriptions.

County-Level Strategies for Paper Ballot/Optical Scan Adoption PDF  | Print |  Email
Related Organizations
By Bo Lipari, New Yorkers for Verified Voting   
August 21, 2005
As many of you know, we have been adapting our strategies in here in New York to deal with a county by county effort to push for adoption of paper ballots/optical scan. In June our state legislature passed the machine selection choice to individual counties, greatly complicating our effort.

We've been working the last month and a half to prepare  and organize our county by county campaign. As part of the effort, we have prepared a detailed document for activists describing how to approach the effort in their counties. Although some of it is specific to our situation in NY, much could be adapted to state-wide efforts elsewhere. I hope you will find it useful in your own local efforts.
VoteTrustUSA National Leadership Workshop & Strategy Session for e-Voting Reform Leaders PDF  | Print |  Email
Related Organizations
By Joan Krawitz, Executive Director   
June 02, 2005
Lots of news on Vote Trust USA’s National Leadership Workshop and Strategy Session at George Washington University in DC June 10-12, plus the latest information on the June 9-10 Lobby Days we’re co-sponsoring with Common Cause,, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and many other groups.

If you’re a leader of one of the 60 or more state and locally-based e-voting reform groups working to to improve the laws and regulations governing voting systems and election administration, this event is for you! Don’t miss this important weekend of strategizing, learning and collaboration with other leaders from states across the country , including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington State.
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