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Election Assistance Commission (EAC)
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January 27, 2007 EAC Response: The Facts About Voting System Test Labs Tom Wilkey, Executive Director, The Election Assistance Commission
January 27, 2007 Response to "The Facts About Voting System Test Labs" Joseph Lorenzo Hall and Aaron Burstein
January 22, 2007 Unlike Ballots, EAC Shouldn't Be Secretive Aaron Burstein and Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Special to Roll Call
January 19, 2007 NIST Recommends Two Test Labs for EAC Accreditation Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
January 17, 2007 EAC: The "E" Doesn't Stand for Ethics Michael Richardson
January 16, 2007 Keeping Up Appearances Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
January 12, 2007 Senator Feinstein Seeks Answers from EAC On Unreported Failures at Voting Equipment Test Lab U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
January 12, 2007 Election Assistance Cheerleader John Gideon,
January 11, 2007 Hunter and Rodriguez Nominated for the Election Assistance Commission Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
January 09, 2007 The Ciber Report? The EAC Now Admits It Really Exists John Gideon,
January 09, 2007 Ciber Not Given Interim Accreditation, Part 2 John Washburn, VoteTrustUSA Voting Technology Task Force
January 08, 2007 Ciber Not Given Interim Accreditation, Part 1 John Washburn, VoteTrustUSA Voting Technology Task Force
January 06, 2007 Testing Lab Failure Leads To Obfuscation By The Election Assistance Commission John Gideon,
December 13, 2006 Whitewashing the Facts: EAC Report Ignores Key Data Ralph G. Neas, President, People For the American Way Foundation
December 09, 2006 Election Protection Statement to the EAC Jonah Goldman, Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
December 07, 2006 Donetta Davidson Named Chairman of the Election Assistance Commission Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
December 01, 2006 NIST Reaches Unavoidable Conclusion: Paperless DREs Not Acceptable David Dill, Founder, Verified Voting Foundation
November 29, 2006 NIST White Paper Recommends That New Standards Should Require "Software Independent" Voting Systems Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
November 28, 2006 EAC and TGDC Meetings Announced Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
November 17, 2006 Denver Councilwoman Rodriguez Recommended for EAC Position Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 31, 2006 ACCURATE Comments on VSTCP Manual ACCURATE
October 29, 2006 Election Officials and Election Activists Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 28, 2006 A Response to the EAC Chairman's Op-Ed Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
October 27, 2006 EAC Testimony on Voting System Testing and Certification Michael I. Shamos, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
October 23, 2006 Former EAC Commissioners Interviewed on CNN CNN Transcript
October 23, 2006 The EAC's Proposed Testing and Certification Program – Still a Chance for Bold Action? Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 23, 2006 NIST Announces December Meeting of Technical Guidelines Development Committee Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 23, 2006 Commentary on the EAC's New Testing and Certification Program Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 18, 2006 Under the Radar: The EAC Proposes A New Program For Testing Voting Machines Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 12, 2006 Preliminary Report on Voter Fraud and Voter Intimidation Released Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 02, 2006 EAC Requests Comments on Manual for Voting System Testing & Certification Program Election Assistance Commission
August 02, 2006 EAC Requests Public Comment On Draft of 2006 Election Survey Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
July 23, 2006 NIST Spokesman Acknowledges Unacceptability of Voting System Reliability Standards Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
July 20, 2006 Are the Voting System Standards Helping to Solve the Problems With Our Elections? Howard Stanislevic, VoteTrustUSA
July 18, 2006 Human or Machine Error: What's The Truth? John Gideon, and VoteTrustUSA
July 13, 2006 EAC Adopts Interim Program For Certification of Voting System Modifications Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
July 11, 2006 CNN's Lou Dobbs Covers Voting System Testing And Certification Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
July 10, 2006 EAC To Assume Oversight Of Voting System Testing And Certification Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
June 08, 2006 Former EAC Chairman Soaries to Rolling Stone: Where are the Standards? Howard Stanislevic, VoteTrustUSA
June 07, 2006 Another Letter To The Election Assistance Commission John Gideon, and VoteTrustUSA
April 28, 2006 Why Did the EAC Replace the Final Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) With Another Document? VoteTrustUSA
April 24, 2006 EAC Holds Public Hearing in Seattle Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
April 18, 2006 DRE Reliability Standards: An Open Letter to the Election Assistance Commission VoteTrustUSA and
April 14, 2006 VerifiedVoting Recommendations for EAC Commissioner Bobbie Brinegar, Senior Political Adviser, VerifiedVoting
April 10, 2006 EAC Commissioner Martinez Resigns Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
April 01, 2006 The Long Road to a Reliable Voting System Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
March 18, 2006 The EAC - Another Failure To Follow Their Mandates John Gideon, VotersUnite.Org and VoteTrustUSA
February 04, 2006 Questions for The Election Assistance Commission VoteTrustUSA
January 12, 2006 EAC Posts New Voluntary Voting System Guidelines EAC Press Release
December 23, 2005 An Open Letter To The Election Assistance Commission John Gideon, Executive Director of VotersUnite.Org and Information Manager for VoteTrustUSA
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