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May 03, 2009 Why Machines Are Bad at Counting Votes Wendy M Grossman, The Guardian
April 28, 2009 In Memoriam John Gideon (1947-2009) Warren Stewart, Legislative Policy Director, Verified Voting
February 20, 2009 State and County Elections Offices Struggle with Economic Crisis M. Mindy Moretti,
February 20, 2009 Hiatus - Back Soon VoteTrustUSA
November 15, 2008 U.S. Elections -- It Takes a Village Kim Zetter
November 15, 2008 Machine Problems Worsened 2008 Voting Woes Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
November 14, 2008 A Preliminary Analysis of Our Vote Live Voting Equipment Reports Joseph Lorenzo Hall
November 03, 2008 E-voting Groups Are Watching a Handful of States Grant Gross, IDG News Service
November 03, 2008 Election 2008: What Might Go Wrong Ed Felten, Princeton University
October 21, 2008 Attention Voters: Here's What You Have to Do to Make Sure You Get to Vote Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
October 17, 2008 States Get Mixed Reviews on Readiness for Voting Machine Problems Common Cause, Brennan Center, Verified Voting
September 21, 2008 Electoral Apocalypse? E-voting Woes Remain as Election Nears ulian Sanchez, Ars Technica
September 16, 2008 Software Dependence is Dangerous in Voting Systems Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
September 12, 2008 2008 Season of Voting Meltdowns Begins Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
September 09, 2008 GAO Issues Report on Voting System Testing Laboratories Government Accountability Office
September 05, 2008 How Will You and Your State Cast Ballots in November? Kim Zetter
September 04, 2008 Verified Voting Announces its 2008 Verifier Map of Voting Technology Verified Voting Foundation
September 04, 2008 Thousands of Americans Faced with New Polling Locations in November M. Mindy Moretti,
August 20, 2008 How Do You Compare Security Across Voting Systems? Dan Wallach, Rice University
August 19, 2008 Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections
July 26, 2008 We Must Get Voting Right U.S. Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ)
July 21, 2008 Brennan Center: Better Ballots Lawrence Norden, David Kimball, Whitney Quesenbery, and Margaret Chen
July 16, 2008 Rep. Lofgren Issues Statement on Voting Memorandum Rep. Zoe Lofgren
July 08, 2008 The Latest Spin From Voting Machine Makers: What Problems? Dan Wallach, Rice University
July 04, 2008 "Paper Ballots" not "Paper Trails" Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University
May 19, 2008 Dutch Government Bans Electronic Voting Andreas Udo de Haes, IDG News Service
May 02, 2008 Dept. of Veterans Affairs Changes Policy on Helping Wounded Soldiers Register to Vote Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
April 30, 2008 Wallach on Shamos on Paper Trails Dan Wallach, Rice University
April 15, 2008 National Campaign Releases Primary Report Jonah Goldman, for The National Campaign for Fair Elections
April 05, 2008 The Cost of E-Voting Kim Zetter
April 04, 2008 Robert F. Kennedy's speech on the Death of Martin Luther King Robert F. Kennedy
April 03, 2008 Internet Voting is Too Risky for Public Elections Verified Voting Foundation
March 23, 2008 Brookings Seminar on "Voting Technology: The Not-So-Simple Act of Casting a Ballot" Jeremy Epstein
March 19, 2008 California and Ohio Secretaries of State Named 2008 JFK Profile in Courage Award Recipients JFK Library Foundation
March 17, 2008 American Statistical Association Calls for Audits to Increase Confidence in Electoral Outcomes American Statistical Association
March 13, 2008 Computer Scientist Offers Warning on Voting Security Trevor Davis
March 13, 2008 Computer Researcher Warns on Internet Voting, Voting Machines Trevor Davis
March 10, 2008 Debugging Election Codes Paul Spinrad
March 09, 2008 Mississippi Primary Snapshot Verified Voting Foundation
March 01, 2008 March 4 Snapshot: Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont Verified Voting Foundation
March 01, 2008 Paperless Votes: Will They Decide the Texas Primary? Sean Flaherty,
March 01, 2008 Pesky Details with Getting a Voting System Correct Dan Wallach, Rice University
February 23, 2008 Electionline: Back to Paper Pew Charitable Trusts
February 19, 2008 When the Nominating System is a Whole Lot Better than the Argument Against It…. Bob Bauer
February 17, 2008 February 19 Snapshot: Hawaii and Wisconsin Verified Voting Foundation
February 11, 2008 Chesapeake Tuesday Snapshot Verified Voting Foundation
February 11, 2008 Chesapeake Tuesday Snapshot Verified Voting Foundation
February 05, 2008 Myth that Touch-Screen Voting Machines Mean Faster Election Results Debunked Kim Zetter
January 23, 2008 Partisanship and the Dark Side of Election Law Bob Bauer
January 06, 2008 New York Times Magazine on E-voting Dan Wallach, Rice University
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