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September 09, 2008 Colorado Elections Director Resigns Amid Inquiry Myung Oak Kim, Rocky Mountain News
March 14, 2008 Colorado: Paper Ballots Way To Go Al Kolwicz, Colorao Voter Group
January 23, 2008 Colorado: Gov. Ritter, Bi-Partisan Lawmakers Announce New Legislative Plan to Conduct 2008 Elections Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Media Release
December 27, 2007 Colorado Secretary of State Wants Paper Ballots in Precinct Polling Locations Al Kolwicz, Colorado Voter Group
December 20, 2007 Colorado: Secretary of State's Campaign Advisers Also Represent E-Voting Firm Myung Oak Kim and Lynn Bartels, Rocky Mountain News
December 20, 2007 Colorado Voter Group Comments on Secretary of State's Decisions Al Kolwicz, Colorado Voter Group
November 19, 2007 Colorado Voter Group Wants Polling Place Elections With a Few Adjustments Colorado Voter Group
November 07, 2007 Colorado: Denver Still Counting Votes Kieran Nicholson, The Denver Post
January 09, 2007 Report on Denver Electronic Pollbook Problems Fred Hessler and Matt Smith
November 15, 2006 Colorado: Mayor and City Council Launch Investigation into Election Troubles Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper Press Release
November 12, 2006 Problems with Electronic Pollbooks Lead to Long Lines In Denver Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
November 07, 2006 CHAOS: Voting Extension Denied Amid Massive Computer Problems in Colorado George Merritt and Jeffrey Leib, Denver Post Staff Writers
November 07, 2006 CHAOS: Problems Worsen in Colorado George Merritt and Jeffrey Leib, Denver Post Staff Writers
November 07, 2006 Colorado: Computer Logjams Plague Denver Voting
October 31, 2006 Colorado: Boulder County GOP Sues Elections Officials Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
October 02, 2006 Colorado AG Reaches Agreement With Legal Team To Improve Security And Integrity Of November Election VoterAction
September 22, 2006 Court Upholds Colorado Voters Challenge to Electronic Voting System VoterAction
September 15, 2006 Colorado's E-Voting 'Expert' is no Expert, Admits 'Expert' Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog
July 29, 2006 Colorado: Litigation Update VoterAction
July 14, 2006 Colorado Response To HAVA Complaint Is Unfair and Incomplete Al Lolwicz, CAMBER
July 03, 2006 Colorado: Key Government Document Altered Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
June 01, 2006 Colorado Voters File Lawsuit to Halt State’s Purchase or Use of DRE Computerized Voting Systems VoterAction
March 09, 2006 Colorado Political Party Hires Colorado's Elections Director Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
March 06, 2006 Colorado: Say NO To Email And Fax Voting Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
January 20, 2006 Colorado: No More Sunshine In Boulder County Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
January 11, 2006 CAMBER Response to County Clerk's Announcement Al Kolwics, CAMBER
January 11, 2006 Colorado: Boulder County Clerk Postpones Purchase of New Voting Equipment Boulder County Clerk Press Release
January 11, 2006 Colorado: Resolve Voting System Differences First CAMBER
December 21, 2005 Colorado's election system is out of control Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
December 16, 2005 Colorado Faces a Serious Election Problem Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
December 08, 2005 Colorado: State Feeling Hijacked Over Computer Update April M. Washington, Rocky Mountain News
October 30, 2005 Colorado: Further Comment on Rule 45 Paul Walmsley, from Colorado Voter Blog
October 28, 2005 Colorado: Secretary of State Asked to Withdraw Proposed Election Rule Al Kolwics, Citizens for Accurate Mail Ballot Election Results
October 08, 2005 Colorado: New Problems Found with Hart Intercivic Warren Stewart, Director of Legislative Issues and Policy, VoteTrustUSA
September 21, 2005 Colorado - Flaws In Boulder County Election Plan Al Kolwicz, CAMBER
July 22, 2005 Colorado Election Administration Information VoteTrustUSA
June 02, 2005 Colorado Election Bills Eliminate Oversight Al Kolwicz, Executive Director, CAMBER
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