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June 10, 2008 Arizona: Woman, 97, Battles Voter ID Law KPHO News 5 Phoenix
May 22, 2008 Arizona and Justice Department Reach Settlement on Federal Voter Registration Law Implementation Demos Press Release
January 12, 2008 Arizona: Databases for Elections Released to Democrats Garry Duffy, Tucson Citizen
December 19, 2007 Arizona: Judge Orders Election Database Release Tom Ryan, Arizona Citizens for Fair Elections
December 18, 2007 Arizona Lawsuit a Crystal Ball Into 2008 Presidential Vote Count Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
October 09, 2007 League of Women Voters: Arizona's Efforts Will Disenfranchise Voters League of Women Voters Press Release
August 31, 2007 Arizona Proposition 200 Decision, Another Strike Against the NVRA and Voter Participation Project Vote Press Release
November 19, 2006 For Once the "Winner" Wants All the Votes Counted Too Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
October 25, 2006 Arizona: Count the Votes - But Don’t Close the Courts or Get Rid of the Lawyers Bob Bauer
October 06, 2006 Arizona: Federal Court Blocks Enforcement of Voter ID Law Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
September 15, 2006 Designed to Fail . . . Auditing Elections in Arizona Michael Shelby
September 12, 2006 AP: Judge Refuses To Block Voter ID Requirement For Arizona's Primary Associated Press
August 10, 2006 Arizona: Brennan Center Commends Pima Co. For Implementing Security Procedures For Electronic Voting Brennan Center for Justice
August 03, 2006 Arizona: Security of Vote Machines Still In Doubt Tuscon Citizen
July 30, 2006 Arizona: Pima Co. Arizona County Officials Mislead Voters John Gideon, and VoteTrustUSA
June 21, 2006 Election Reform Victory in Arizona Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
June 11, 2006 Arizona: Electronic Ballots Are Unreliable, Not Secure John R. Brakey, Americans United for Democracy, Integrity & Transparency in Elections
May 10, 2006 Lawsuit Against Arizona Secretary of State to Halt Use, Purchase of Diebold, Sequoia Touchscreens Brad Friedman, The BradBlog
March 21, 2006 Arizona: Next Battleground Over Touchscreen Voting Machines? Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
February 15, 2006 Arizona: State Senator Huppenthal Guts Election Reform Bill Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA
February 12, 2006 Election Integrity Groups Launch Citizen Action In Support Of Verifiable Elections In Arizona Warren Stewart
February 01, 2006 FBI Subpoenas Ballots from Contentious 2004 Arizona Republican Primary Election John Gideon, and VoteTrustUSA
January 27, 2006 Pentagon Seeks Power Over Elections in Arizona Michael Shelby, Arizona Citizens for Election Reform
January 20, 2006 Arizona: Ballot Boxing John Dougherty, Phoenix New Times
January 19, 2006 Election Officials in Arizona Refuse to Answer Senate Questions Michael Shelby, Arizona Citizens for Election Reform
January 17, 2006 Arizona: Ballot Box Breakdowns John Dougherty, Phoenix New Times,
January 12, 2006 Arizona: Computer Scientist Releases Report on Maricopa County Voting Machine Problems Warren Stewart, Director of Legislative Issues and Policy, VoteTrustUSA
January 05, 2006 Arizona Secretary of State Calls Transparent Election Advocates 'Anarchists', 'Conspiracy Theorists" Brad Friedman, The BradBlog
December 08, 2005 Arizona: Senators Call on County Attorney Andy Thomas to Approve Release of Ballots Jack Harper, Arizona State Senator
November 06, 2005 Arizona: New Law Keeps Thousands of Legal Voters From Voting John Gideon, Information Manager, and VoteTrustUSA
November 05, 2005 Arizona: Vote Machine Suit Designed to Protect Election Process Tom Ryan, Arizona Citizens for Fair Elections
October 28, 2005 Arizona: Pandora's Box John Dougherty, Phoenix New Times
October 28, 2005 Arizona: Election Fraud – Chicago? Florida? Ohio? Not this time John Gideon, Information Manager, and VoteTrustUSA
October 07, 2005 Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer Ordered to Appear in Court Tom Ryan, Arizona Citizens for Fair Elections
July 28, 2005 Arizona Election Administration Information VoteTrustUSA
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