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By EAC Media Release   
November 08, 2007
The United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has received its first request to share voting system reports generated by state and local election officials. The first request comes from California Secretary of State Debra Bowen to provide the public with information about the state's top-to-bottom review of its voting systems. EAC's Voting System Reports Clearinghouse is available here.


"We appreciate Secretary Bowen working with us to share information about voting systems in California with election officials throughout the nation and with the public," said EAC Chairwoman Donetta Davidson. "This is an important first step in building a national clearinghouse of voting system reports that have been conducted by states and counties. We encourage election officials throughout the nation to participate by submitting the reviews they've conducted."


The Voting System Reports Clearinghouse is the result of a policy adopted by the Commission to post and distribute voting system reports or studies submitted by state and local governments. The policy also covers sharing information regarding the states' implementation of the voluntary voting system guidelines. Section 202 (1) of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) directs the EAC to serve as a national clearinghouse that provides information from state and local governments regarding their experience in operating voting systems.


To be considered for posting on the EAC website, a state or local government must submit the report to the EAC chair or executive director and certify that the report reflects their experience operating voting systems or implementing EAC's

voluntary voting system guidelines.


The Voting System Reports Clearinghouse is administered by the EAC's Testing and Certification Program, the federal government's first voting system certification program. For information on voting system test labs, registered voting system manufacturers, voting systems that have been submitted for testing, test plans, notices of clarification, and other program-related information, visit

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