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By Verified Voting   
March 20, 2008

Urge New Jersey's Governor to Veto a Paperless 2008 Election

New Jersey Governor Corzine needs to hear from you on verifiable elections. On March 17, the New Jersey Senate voted to allow an unverifiable Presidential election in the Garden State, and delay the requirement for voter-verified paper records until January 2009. The good news is that the vote was 27-12; the House vote last week was 71-6. Messages from citizens clearly are making a difference in this important fight. Now the focus is on Governor Corzine. Urge him to veto A2229, the bill to delay voter-verified paper records.

New Jersey's Legislature decided in July 2005 that another Presidential election run on paperless electronic machines was not acceptable. But three years later, we face just that scenario if this bill becomes law.. Please fill out the form below to tell Governor Corzine that further delay is not an option, and that a better voting system has been available all this time!

Click here to send a message to New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine urging him to veto A2229

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