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Election Experts: Supreme Court Ruling Will Add to Long List of Hurdles Facing American Voters PDF  | Print |  Email
By Fair Elections Legal Network and VoterAction   
April 28, 2008
Call for New Standards to Ensure Fair and Secure Elections

Election experts fear that today's ruling in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board will not only prompt state election officials to enact similarly restrictive ID laws, but will also lay the foundation for them to impose other restrictions that unnecessarily burden voting. These restrictions, including laws targeting civic groups that help register voters and improper implementation of federal laws intended to protect voters from being wrongly purged from voter lists, could exacerbate difficulties voters already face complying with existing voting laws.

"Today's decision is disappointing because it upholds a new hurdle for voters unsupported by any evidence of voter impersonation in Indiana." said Bob Brandon, Co-founder and President, Fair Elections Legal Network. "With more states imposing their own rules, it's clear we need sensible reform to bring fair standards to all eligible voters."

"At a time of increased participation in our election system, we need to move toward lifting burdens on voters and creating a streamlined, fair system. The Court's decision is an unfortunate step backward for our nation," said John Bonifaz, Legal Director for Voter Action. "We need broad reform to make the system easier for all eligible voters to register, remain registered, and vote."

The Court's ruling means that large numbers of registered voters, many of whom have been voting for most of their lives, including senior, student, rural, disabled, minority and low income voters may not be able to cast a
ballot in next week's primary or in the November elections. While states have the authority to regulate the administration of elections, they must do so in a way that is uniform, fair and promotes, instead of deters, voter
participation. This case demonstrates that fair standards are necessary to ensure full participation in our democracy.
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