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By Overseas Vote Foundation   
October 02, 2008
Presidential Campaigns Join Overseas and Military Voter Outreach Effort

Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) is fielding record levels of online activity from overseas and military voters and views this as a key indicator of potentially unprecedented high levels of voter participation of overseas and military voters in Election 2008.  

Over 2 million visitors have come to the OVF website, or an OVF hosted website in 2008. The month of September averaged 25,000 visits per day to the combined total of 17 OVF hosted websites. Of the tens of thousands of voters that OVF has helped to register, 26% are first-time voters, for 70% this is the first time they will vote from overseas, and 35% are under 30 years of age.  The voting experience of these new and young voters is significant as it may affect their inclination to vote again in the future.

Both the Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin campaigns are championing customized versions of OVF's services for overseas and military voters as part of their notable efforts to reach out to a voter group that becomes ever more important when facing the prospect of razor-thin margins in some voting districts. Their respective overseas and military voter services websites, and are integrated into their official campaign sites and serve to send a new and strategic message of recognition to overseas and military voters about the importance of their votes.

Chip Levengood, OVF's Chairman, said, "This level of broad outreach is having an impact.  Key states, campaigns and major voter registration organizations including, Rock the Vote, and FAWCO are working with us to provide comprehensive services to overseas and military voters this year. Together, we're reaching US voters across 220 countries."

"It's an historic election year for overseas and military voters who for the first time have online assistance at each of the three critical steps in the overseas voting process - registration, ballot delivery and ballot return. OVF's new, online Vote-Print-Mail Ballot and the Express Your Vote ballot return program complete the voting cycle," stated Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, OVF's President and CEO.

The OVF Express Your Vote program is supported by FedExR Express. States providing OVF Voter Services are Alabama, Kentucky, Minnesota, Texas, West Virginia and Vermont. All OVF services can be accessed through
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