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By Susan Pynchon, Florida Fair Elections Coalition   
March 11, 2006
Click Here to Tell Florida Officials to Stand With Ion Sancho!

Ion Sancho needs our help!! Florida officials are attacking this courageous Supervisor of Elections for trying to protect the integrity of our vote. Please click on the link below to send an email to Florida officials protesting their outrageous treatment of this courageous Supervisor of Elections.

In 2005, Supervisor Sancho authorized security tests of the Diebold voting system used in Leon County, Florida. These tests definitively proved election results could be altered without detection using only a memory card. A team of California computer scientists have sinced confirmed the Leon County tests and discovered additional severe security flaws in the Diebold system.

Instead of thanking Sancho for exposing flaws that should have been discovered by state and federal certifiers, state officials are threatening Sancho with legal action, which could include removing him from office. Instead of hailing him as a national hero, state officials have condemned and threatened him. On top of that, the only three companies with Florida certified voting systems (Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia) have blacklisted Sancho and are refusing to sell their voting machines to Sancho, either in retribution for exposing serious security vulnerabilities in the Diebold voting system, or out of fear that he will find similar flaws in their systems. As a result of the Sancho now has no voting system in place

Instead of demanding that these companies sell their state-certified systems to Leon County, state officials seem more concerned about protecting the vendors than about protecting the sanctity of our vote. To read more about Sancho's actions and his current predicament, look at these articles in the Miami Herald and VoteTrustUSA.

Click here to send the email NOW!
Tell Florida officials that you support Ion Sancho!

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